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stands still.

We are UMGB: Universal Music Group FOR BRANDS, a creative entertainment agency working strategically and creatively to produce branded experiences for clients around the globe. From long-form and short-form content to immersive events. Original compositions to live showcases.

Culture never stands still. People's needs and wants, their motivations and passions constantly evolve. Only by staying close to societal values and trends can we create branded content and experiences people truly care about. By fully understanding the culture we help brands to become part of the conversation, globally. That's what we do.

Think global, act local through UMGB Western Balkans.

stands still.

Ambassador, Sponsorship & Testimonials

Artists are the biggest influencers.

Artists give brands direct access to their fans and the easiest ways to communicate the product. From celebrity chefs, athletes to actors and musicians we work with talents and manage them every step of the way in the campaign process. It is not limited to Universal Music's talent pool but rather choosing the perfect ambassador for a brand.

Artist Booking & Event Planning

Delivering private gigs and intimate concerts by biggest artists.

The right choice of performers at a corporate event for employees and partners or branded public show can significantly increase brand value and strengthen relationships with consumers, partners and current or future employees. In cooperation with our artist & entertainment booking partners, we can deliver the best show in town and provide full service, from negotiations to live performance. Yes, Rihanna is an option!

Branded Content

Creating immersive experiences for your consumers.

From branded videos to original campaign songs, from documented unique consumer experiences to flashmobs with artists – we create and produce diverse content to best fit the brand's desired audiences and communication channels. It's a one-stop shop for all kinds of branded entertainment, peaking trend in content marketing.

Branded Gifts

Making your clients and employees happy.

Branded and tailor-made music compilation or a Universal Music artist release are specially customized for brands purposes, themed and in various configurations. Also, it can be in various formats and a perfect gift for employees, most loyal clients or acquisition tool for new customers. Choice of songs, rights management and production are included.

Creative Concepts

We don't settle for ordinary and neither should you.

From brief to the execution plan, we shuffle creative ideas and combine them into unique creative concepts. Driven by data and planned targets these campaigns always communicate brand messages using entertainment content and follow current global trends. From long-form and short-form content to immersive events, original compositions or live showcases.

Influencer Marketing & Talent Management

Managing talents for you.

Don’t have the time or resources to manage influencers? Let the team at UMGB manage it for you. The importance of influencers and talent activations is crucial for all digital-oriented campaigns. By identifying matching values, brands can harvest their influence, strong relationship with fans and online space. Besides musicians, we map, suggest and manage the best fitting talents from all fields.


We know your audience and they know us.

We don't just focus on data. We investigate cultural and behavioral patterns around consumption. Our proximity to talent and influencers means we know fans and this allows us to develop strategic solutions for our partners. Using our own developed research tools we can help to define the perfect talent fit for your campaigns or find precise audiences for your new product and help you choose the right approach how to get to them. We also deliver workshops, bespoke studies and performance evaluation.


Getting your ads to superfans.

We can leverage our artists’ organic and first-party data to ensure that the campaign content reaches the target audience in a unique and meaningful way by driving awareness directly with targeted music audiences. We offer strategic media buys based on audience data to reach the artist’s fanbase, social fans, superfans, site visitors and streaming audiences. This service is only available by partnering with our artists and UMGB and it can be an addition to your existing media buyer’s strategies.

Music & Entertainment Strategies

Bringing brands, fans and culture together.

Our data, tools and expertise allow us to get under the skin of brand personality and speak to brands' consumers in a way they want to be spoken to. By understanding the characteristics of target audiences and how they consume products, music and culture, we identify and develop the best creative engagement strategies to connect brands with consumers. We consult brands on how to use music and entertainment to make their persona look and speak like a superstar!

Music Licensing & Supervising

Music is a feeling.

Need music for TVC, radio or online ad? From the most genre diverse UMG catalog, we help choosing the perfect music for campaigns based on given storyboards or production concepts and manage the rights clearing process. If the track is already with us, we clear it for you directly with the rights owners and artist management. Then again, if the campaign requests its own track or sound logo, we coordinate and execute complete audio production and deliver new music, perfectly fitting the ad.

Reward Programs

Making your consumer feel like a rockstar!

Music driven prize winning games and reward programs are a perfect fit for most customer loyalty strategies. From redeem platform development and mechanics to customized prizes – like-a-rockstar flyaways, artist meet & greets, private concerts etc, we make it all happen.

Strategic Marketing Partnerships

Sharing is caring.

We build mid- to longterm partnerships with brands to create and market new products together or improve existing offers targeting the requested segment through shared intelligence, shared assets and a by offering a qualified database.

Video Product Placement

We make your product a superstar.

Through focus product integration artist recommends brand products that are naturally integrated into the music video and perceived better by consumers, especially millennials and gen-z. It provides immediate relevant exposure as new music videos can generate thousands of views in a very short timeframe and bring long-lasting earned media and decreased costs per engaged minute. Opportunities are limitless, from local artists to Ellie Goulding and Sting!

Selected Work

Tuborg Open 2018


Uskoro Sam u Barceloni!

Erste Bank

Shake & Take


"Spektakularno obični" tekući računi

Komercijalna Banka

Mate 10 Lite × Marija

Huawei Mobile

Bravo Select


Tuborg Open 2017


The Štediše Band

Piraeus Bank



Music is universal.

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Universal Music Group & Brands operates in the territories of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia (FYROM), Albania, Kosovo & 66 other countries.

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Tuborg Open 2018


Tuborg through its music platform Tuborg Open is all about promoting openness, creativity and fun. We came up with a local brand ambassador that will portray the „Open To More“ slogan in the best manner - Serbian hip-hop star Mimi Mercedez.

The campaign included several digital activations, video content, live shows and the release of Tuborg summer anthem, written and performed by Mimi Mercedez – „Gerila“, that hit over 1 million views on the official video before the campaign ended.

UMGB was taking care of most of the campaign steps: from rights management, artist relations and concept creation, to production of audio/video materials and merchandise.